Add media: Why do certain pictures disappear and others don't?

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    I’m dying here. I keep adding a photo that is jpeg and it will appear on the post then when I publish the finished post the picture shows up for a second and then bam, it’s gone. The description or caption part of the photo is still there but I can’t access it – it’s gone. I have trashed and re-posted 3 times at least with same results. Arrgghghgh. Please advise. Thanks in advance. ;{

    The blog I need help with is


    @mgilbertsen, is this perhaps one of the posts where this has happened to you: ? I’m seeing an an orphaned image caption on lower left.


    I think we need a little more information about your image upload process and the steps you’re taking.

    One place to start could be to check the image in your media library and see if you can get a direct link to it. Can you try that and post a link to an image you’re having trouble with in a reply here?

    Also, to clarify, does the image show up properly when you publish the post and then it’s not there when you publish the post and view it directly in a browser?

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