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    I guess I will have to add my voice to those who are concerned with the new Add Media functionality. I have a few issues with the new version as well.

    1. After adding one image to my article, adding any additional image involves first navigating away from my media library to where I can drag and drop a new image. It is an extra step which isn’t warranted. Sure, I may have uploaded multiple images for that article at the same time initially (I don’t), but I generally upload as I write.

    2. After adding a new image, I then have to go into text mode, back at the start of my article, cut the code for the image out, then insert it where it should have appeared, at the point I was writing (and where my cursor was). Why do new images all insert at the start of the article? This really adds to workload, and is not intuitive or supportive of the writing process.

    3. I used to be able to leave the image size alone, and if an image was oversize for the theme I use, it would (by default) be resized to the maximum suitable for the theme. That functionality seems to have been lost.

    4. I really don’t want to see my gallery of photos every time I add an image – I know what I have uploaded in the past – what I want to do is add a NEW image. It slows down my ability to insert images, and really distracts me from what I am writing.

    5. Adding an image shouldn’t need a full-screen interface. It is visually disruptive to the process.

    If there are solutions to any of the above, it would be most appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    Thank you for this thoughtful list. We do make every effort to incorporate user feedback into our revision cycles.

    Some of these should clear up once you upgrade to Firefox 17 – specifically your first two points. Please let me know if you continue to have issues here.

    For your third point, the uploader now has re-enabled in-post size editing. You can see this when you upload the image – there is now a link by the image that says “edit image” – this will allow you to make any size edits you’d like to see.

    Points four and five seem related, and I’ve made a note of this preference.

    Thank you, and just let me know if you have ongoing bug issues.


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