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    All I seem able to do is insert one pic at a time into a blog. Also, I know I have a gallery but I can’t access it. What’s my problem?

    The blog I need help with is



    The “Add Media” button is above the rows of formatting buttons in the Post or Page visual editor. The Gallery tab will only appear in the Image Uploader once you have uploaded multiple images to a Post or Page and clicked the “Save all changes” button.

    If you don’t see that, then please make sure you are using an up-to-date browser. See



    My gallery tabs suddenly disappeared yesterday. It’s a huge problem. Can’t edit galleries at all, and I’ve got about 10,000 images in galleries on my site (not all of them published). Even on post or pages where the galleries are not published it is often necessary to edit images via the gallery. This suddenly appears to be impossible to do.



    I’ll clarify. The media buttons on all of my posts and pages with galleries created up to three and a half years ago have disappeared. The add media button does not open galleries and so is of no use (as far as I can tell) with respect to editing existing galleries.

    BTW why would I add new images to a gallery I cannot access?



    Just upgraded to the most recent Firefox. That didn’t make a difference.



    Okay. It’s obvious that WP made some changes in media editing recently (yesterday?). And I’ve found the following instructions for editing a gallery in the WP “Gallery — Support” page:

    1. Open a post or page with a gallery for editing and make sure that you are in the Visual editing mode.

    2. Click on the gallery and then click the Edit Gallery icon that appears.

    And this works…as long as you have a gallery published. But what if you’re building a gallery and don’t want to publish it yet. Or suppose that you use a post gallery to store images that you might use alternately in that post, without ever intending to publish the gallery?

    Did WordPress really intend to force us to publish a gallery before it can be edited?



    You can access, and edit, a gallery on a post or page on which the gallery is unpublished by adding the code “[gallery]” in the text editor. WordPress should add this tip to their new instructions on editing a gallery, because obviously folks need to be able to edit galleries as they are constructing them, and they may not want to publish them during construction (if ever).

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