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    Hi. I would like to add some metatags to my blog indicating the location and topic. This is for an online listing of local blogs, and it would help if my location showed up. THey have an html tag generator, so I have the tags in html, and instructions for how to add them to a wordpress blog using wordpress software, but not using the web interface. Any ideas? How do these tags look in css?


    Oh. By the way, here are the html tags:

    <!– Begin meta tags generated by ORblogs –>

    <meta name=”ICBM” content=”45.52361, -122.675″ />
    <meta name=”description” content=”On being in the world” />

    <!– End meta tags generated by ORblogs –>



    Hi there,
    We bloggers here with blogs that are free hosted by cannot edit our templates.

    A forum search produced these results indicating this is a “no can do”

    If you are a self hosting blogger who has downloaded software from then note that we operate on different software and cannot help you. The correct forum for self hosting bloggers with “powered by wordpress” installs is here


    I just tried the code in my test blog, and it is stripped out by the wordpress software when I save it, so that means it is not allowed.


    The entry for understanding what one can do with css editing (alter appearance only and not functionality) and cannot do (edit the underlying html and php files) is found here do not require css upgrades and in fact none are offered at as the underlying templates on blogs can be accessed and edited.



    If you do have a blog then if you use categories and/or tags they are picked up by search engines without any problems. That’s why you don’t need meta tags on a wordpress.comblog; the categories and tags we use here are treated the same way as meta tags are treated. So all you have to do is make sure you use relevant categories and/or tags as you write your posts and you should be fine. :)



    {waving to tsp}

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