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    If WordPress will allow this code, that’s it.

    Since wordpress allowed Google video, google mp3 player should be allowed too.

    you can add musics to your blog easily with simple html code.

    here is an example: <iframe src=”″ mce_src=”″ style=”border: 1px solid rgb(170, 170, 170); width: 450px; height: 25px;” id=”musicPlayer”></iframe>

    you can type
    in your browser to see the effect.



    We can’t access items from your e-mail…

    Or am I missing something?

    What I mean is… doesn’t accessing anything in the* realm require authentication?
    Also, nothing gets iframe’d, google video and youtube use the plain old embed’ing, with a special syntax.

    Huh, that’s cool, I just used it to listen to a podcast episode from my browser.
    The point still stands though, the MP3 needs to be permanently hosted somewhere, and it has to be embed capable. I seriously hope that NEVER EVER allows iframes…



    Here’s some sdvice I hope you will take to heart and act on. It goes like this: “When in doubt don’t speculate – research.”

    There are 3 primary resources to check before posting to the support forum
    (1) the pink sticky posts at the head of th3 forum
    (2) the FAQs blog
    (3) the forum search box

    I guarantee that if you use (3) the search box you will find threads on – music players – mp3 as this has been discussed many times before on the forum.

    P.S. and vxjasonxv ;)



    @timethief, sorry about that.

    I have read FAQ, but not the forum.
    So I sended my request to WordPress support and received an email from one of the admins to share this idea here.

    I will do a research about this.

    Edit: So I read the forum. I understand the purpose of security, so iframe or whatever should’nt be allowed. But Admins may add a simple code like GoogleVideo or yourtube for mp3player. Sure, I can put a download link for my musics and whatnot, but it’s not like a player in your blog. Just my feeling anyway.

    I just have a small host at which could share files.



    According to what I can remember of the other threads, YouTube, Google Video, and MP3’s are allowed, subject of course to copyright restrictions and other laws.



    @raincoaster, If that’s true, I can’t find the thread which has a code for mp3 like Google Video or YouTube. If you can provide me one, I will be very appriciated.



    There is no code as far as I know. You upload it and use the WordPress tools to put it in your post. I’m not sure exactly what that looks like. I’ve only done it from MP3’s that are hosted off WordPress, where you put it in as a link, like here:

    Never seen an example of another way to do it. Did you mean the music would automatically play when someone is on your blog? If so, may I please, in the name of all that is holy, discourage you from doing this? Nothing’s more annoying than waiting for a window to come up while you’re clicking around and hearing Justin Timberlake’s latest…or Beethoven’s for that matter.




    No, It wont automatically play. Viewers can hit a play button to listen to it, like google video. Type this in your browser

    I also received another email from admin. It should summarize this topic.

    They use different methods of embedding their content.
    We may look into this as a future date.



    Hi Enigma, I’ve been thinking to ask the same thing too. Like a media player (small code) so our visitors can just click on to it and listen to the music. While I have my mp3 files stored in another account, however, WordPress have no option for music players, so what I did was, I would usually put a link to the music (as you can see in my sidebar) and as you click the link, it opens another page (of course you don’t want that), but at least that’s my alternative.



    We’ve been suggesting to folk just to provide a link to the *.mp3 file. The average person’s browser is setup to play *.mp3s automatically in Quicktime or WinAMP and not download them.



    drmike. for your reference this is what i’m talking about.
    although i’m not sure what exactly the code is, is there a way to authorize
    to securely post the mp3 so that readers don’t have to leave my page to listen to something.
    so that they simply have to push the ‘play’ button. i know on flickr, there’s a way to
    authorize different websites to access your photos and manipulate them. perhaps
    should implement something similar to bypass the blanket rejection of all embedding
    (except google and youtube videos).
    what i would like is something simple like on this website
    you just click the ‘listen’ button and BAM there you have it.



    If you post a link to the sound file and set it to open in a new window, won’t that automatically bring up the media player on the reader’s computer and activate the sound file?



    You can make .mov files with audio and a picture or two, post to YouTube, and embed.
    It’s the only reason I keep Windows movie maker on my box.


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