add my blog to google?

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    how do I add my blog to Google without adding meta tags or uploading an html? any help would be great!
    my blog site is:

    The blog I need help with is



    …. but you don’t need to use webmaster tools to have Google find your blog.


    It helps speed up the process and it also gives you access to a lot of very useful information such as broken links or issues with a sitemap, crawl errors, issues in a robots.txt file. The lower you can keep crawl errors, the better off you are, and the better the search engines like you.

    I just went through webmaster tools and found that I had 39 crawl errors. Some of them I could fix, and some of them I could not since the issues originated on other sites (links from other sites back to stuff on my blog). I’ve cut that down now to only 12 crawl errors. 4 of those will correct shortly after Google processes my requests to kill some old pages that were deleted and are returning 404 errors.

    On all the sites I manage, I check webmaster tools reports for each site at least once a month to head of crawl errors and issues.



    When you create your blog, it asks you if you want it on google or yahoo, do you rembember doing that, also… Have even tryed typing in your blog onto google, to make it come up with your site you have to put in http:// and .com/ At the end to make it apear, so to get it come up dont type in tvnight, you need to type in

    that will make it apear.



    Also a good idea is to add tags or Key Words



    @thesacredpath, how did you fix your crawl errors? I have a number of them and am clueless — even less than clueless — on how to fix them. I’m sitting here reading google’s info on crawl errors but I am just not getting what they want of me to fix it. My site has so many crawl errors, I’m surprised Google hasn’t exploded. The info tells me what the possible problems are but not how to fix them. All my crawl errors are 404 not found. It all originates from my blog. For instance, all the links on my alpha-list re listed as 404 not found. But when I go to my blog and click on any link, it works. I’m stumped as to what they want me to do to fix something that doesn’t seem broken — it works.

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