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Add my own footer -okay with the footer, but want to add my own copyright

  1. My goal is to add a discrete copyright notice of my own to each page. Ideally, just above the & theme notices (in other words, in the part of the page that seems controlled by me, rather than what comes along for the ride from WP.)

    I don't have a problem with the automatic footer text as an additional.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I might suggest adding a copyright notice in a text widget to your site's sidebar.

    Since you have the Custom Design upgrade, I'll ask to have this moved to the CSS Customization forum.

  3. Thank you.

    Was very surprised this isn't already supported. Copyright notice is actually something that applies to every bloggers content. Smooth, discrete copyright notice support is something that makes sense as an option for every blog on wordpress...

  4. It is supported; I use a text widget.

    Some themes have widget areas in the footer, including Hum, the theme you are using.

  5. Also, many themes including Hum have footer widget areas. You can write the notice in a Text widget, as Jen suggested, after you add that widget to Footer Area 1.

  6. Refresh, refresh...
    Morning Jen!

  7. Afternoon, Panos!

    The only real downside to the text widget in the footer on Hum is that it is vertically oriented rather than horizontal, like the footer itself.

  8. If you don't add any widgets to footer areas 2&3 it will be horizontally oriented. And even if you do use areas 2&3, you can turn it to full width via CSS editing.

  9. Actually not a bad suggestion to have a copyright widget for the themes that have the footer credits centered - a widget that would put a line of text above or below the existing & theme credits

  10. Thanks for the speedy and competent support. I look forward to trying out widgets as suggested. If there is another theme I should be exploring, please suggest.

    I'm a photographer trying to have a small portfolio publicly available. The Hum theme offers some elegance and simplicity for someone who wants a small number of pages but I'm not married to it.

  11. You're welcome. Since you like Hum, and since it supports footer widgets, there's no reason to look for a different theme.

  12. @kenahora-Try what justpi suggested above, add a text widget to the First Footer Area.

  13. Jeniffer and Justpi - Thank you! Just what I needed.


  14. I am using Misty Lake theme- can i add my logo to the footer- is it possible to get a footer widget? Very new to this so tech language a bit shaky! Thanks

  15. Misty Lake has one sidebar only, so you can't add a logo to the footer without the Custom Design upgrade. You can add it to the sidebar, or you can use a different theme.

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