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    Please advice me how to add photos from the library to right column.

    The blog I need help with is



    I would like to get some more information. Can you please walk me through the problem?



    I would to add certain photos from the dashboard’s library onto my blog’s right column. Thanks


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    You can use an image widget to put a picture into your sidebar.


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    Or, if you like, you could use a text widget.
    Make a draft post and put your image into it with the text you want above or below it.
    The sidebar in Ocean Mist is only 193 so your picture should be smaller than that so it will fit into the sidebar.
    Switch to the text editor and copy all the code.
    Insert a text widget into your sidebar.
    Paste the code into the widget.



    Thank you for your advise and help. Chuck



    I use Columnist theme and have quite a few photos on my site that are taking up space. I have 438 photos and I’m at 55%.

    A few photos are inserted into a post and then I create a separate photo gallery for all the rest of the related photos.

    iPhoto’s default formatting is JPEG. I resize photos after I insert them into the post or after I add them to the media library/create a gallery (100×100 up to 300×200 max.)

    Do I need to go back to all photos in iPhoto to resize and reformat to save space? Will that mess up the posting dates and cause a page 404 error?

    If there are duplicates, is there a way to automatically find them?

    When I drag or export photos to insert into post, they go into a ‘grid’ where I can add captions and they also appear (like a ‘list’) in the dashboard under media. Do I then have two sets of the same photos or is the initial grid the same as the media list?

    Thank you.

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