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Add name or link to name of photographer

  1. How do I add photographers name to header image? I am free to use the picture, but would nevertheless like to give him credit for his work.
    Blog url:

  2. You can't do it on a Header image. You can put it in a text widget, though, or just make a Post with it.

  3. OK. I´ll try to make a text widget then. Thanks. :)

  4. I would use a text Widget with a link in the Sidebar - "Header Photograph by Great Photographer" or something like that and make a like out of it. A friend of mine is a Pro Photographer and he took some pictures over my left shoulder while I tied a Bowline (knot) using my left hand - I gave him credit and a link to his personal page at the bottom of the Post.

    If you have the CSS upgrade you might be able to put a text something in one corner of the header photo but you need also the skill for that and I am not real sure how it would look or work

  5. Thanks for your help! I settled for a text widget.
    As a blog novice I guess I have to accept I'd better stick to easier settings and features...

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