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    I have created several other pages to go along with my page. I would like to post a blog to one of the other pages, but I can’t figure out how to do this. They are posting to my main page. Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is


    Can we get a link to your blog please?




    Only the main page of your blog will show posts. You cannot put normal posts on pages you create. Pages that you create are designed for static content such as an about page where things seldom change and sit “outside” the blog structure.

    This support document explains the differences between pages and posts: .


    The thing is that you can accomplish the same basic results by categorizing your posts with names that separate them out into the sections you want. Then your viewers can click on the category names of those sections and be presented with only the posts in those categories.

    If you want, you can go a step further and create a static front page and then in the body of that page put the links to those categories:



    Sounds good! Thank you bunches!


    You’re very welcome.



    Did you notice that when you create a new page there is an option of choosing a “parent” page, or placing the new page under a parent page? This might give the effect u r looking for. I just figured this out recently.



    Check your settings on the page you created. There is a check box that allows comments to be posted. My pages and sub pages allow or do not allow posts at my option.

    You can check out my blog’s setup at:

    Yes this is a WordPress blog and I am currently using the Kubrick theme.


    @ross and maaark, that does NOT create a new “post” page (like the main blog page). It creates a new static page with comments. The OP wants multiple pages that operate like the main blog page. The pages created by you are static and do not dynamically update, and you cannot have multiple, separate entries on them like the main blog page.

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