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Add New Post screen stuck as 1 column

  1. Well, 1024 is the maximum resolution on this monitor. As justheretotakenotes observed, this suddenly makes using the "new post" option a total chore, scrolling up and down the screen all the time. I've managed 480-odd posts in two and a half years without ever once thinking "Gee, being able to use the preview/schedule/category buttons on the same screen as the text, title and excerpt is really bad."


  2. I can't comment on that trac ticket ("use your login!" Thanks for that), but the ticket itself asks a question at the end of the text:

    "Also -- should this be restricted only to touch-based tablet/phone interfaces, or should @media queries be used to extend this functionality to narrow browser windows as well for the desktop version? "

    I can't respond - but hopefully someone else can? The answer is "NO. NO IT SHOULD NOT." Obviously.

  3. @justheretotakenotes, Heh, you have me laughing. I'm not sure I've ever met a Welsh woman either, but I'll keep in mind to give choices and not make decisions if I ever do.


  4. I'm in Wales too. Perhaps this is the start of some sort of Welsh grassroots revolt against poorly-implemented changes.

  5. @TSP:
    "not surprising really since 1024 wide monitor usage is now down under 20%".
    But that's millions of users.

    "setting the min-width trigger at 990px would have been a nice thing".
    Or making the right column (currently 280px) 34px narrower.

    "scrolling is the only exercise some people get."
    Imagine, then, the benefits of infinite scrolling. Yet another proof of how much BB cares for you.

    And, speaking of Newspeak, notice the reply "this is intentional". NewWPspeak users seem to think that intentional equals correct.

  6. justheretotakenotes

    @thesacredpath well if you ever come to Wales you'll know now to pack your options along with your socks ;) @nixonradio a new Welsh revolution perhaps (it's been a long while), i'll be the flag bearer, although as we are all just guinea pigs here at WordPress (dot com) we'll have to gnaw through the bars of the cage first. I hate this new change so much that i just can't be bothered to add a new post today, or maybe ever again.

  7. This "responsive" movement seems to be driven to be responsive to what developers "think" we want. To me one of the most wonderful things I can see on a responsive web site is this link "View Standard Site". (I'm frequently on iPad 2) In every instanceI have encountered with that choice, the standard site fits my usage better. Perhaps our WordPress Developers could put that choice on the admin pages.

  8. Here's what worked for me...
    Well, I dunno how to set my "resolution" on my monitor, and I'm not in the know on most of this cyber lingo...

    But i have this little wheely-thingo on my mouse that ya can use Ctrl + twirl the wheel and it will enlarge/decrease the pic on the screen--tried this this morning on the edit page and the two columns immediately appeared!

    Dunno if it stays thataway, or if I have to "touch" the wheely-thingo each time I edit--no big thing either way.
    But..... what's next???

    Thanx all--enjoyed reading all the Questions and responses on this clusterxxxxx!

    Semper Watching!

    Dick G

  9. justheretotakenotes

    Mine has now reverted back to the two columns without me changing anything. I hope this is not just a blip and it stays this way. I love the two columns it's easier, please don't take my column away!! ;)

  10. Thanks for the feedback, folks! The Dashboard is going to remain responsive based on the size of the browser window, but the minimum width has been dropped to 850px, which is basically the point at which the editor breaks the layout in 2-column view anyway.

    So, as long as your browser window is at least 850px wide, you'll still see both columns. If you decrease the width below 850px, the layout will switch to single column to better accommodate the editor.

  11. Hooray! Thank you WordPress developers for listening to our feedback. I appreciate that you did.

  12. justheretotakenotes

    I for one am very pleased to have my two columns back. I was lost with only one. Thank you, the Welsh won't revolt now ;)

  13. @mackmanx, thanks to all for the change.

  14. @thesacredpath
    I'm glad you posted that. I was so excited that I only thanked the developers and I forgot to thank @macmanx above.
    Thank you macmanx. :)

  15. Thank you so much for listening to us bloggers.

  16. OK, this is a good example of actually working as a testing ground. Changes get rolled out, people give feedback, changes are made based on the feedback. (I could have done without Jane's response on the trac ticket -- undermining your colleagues in public is rarely good form -- but you can't have everything.) Why can't it work like this the rest of the time?

  17. @wank, link to that track ticket?

  18. @wank
    link please

  19. The link is the same one that macmanx shared on page 1:

    I'm glad that the re-adjustment happened so quickly!

  20. @wank
    I located it and my response is the same as yours.

    I say that it can work this way and it ought to work this way. Our role as testers was acknowleged. Our feedback was valued and it lead to change - positive change that all WordPress users will benefit from. Hugs for macmanx!

  21. Yay! I went to start a post this morning and it was back to normal.

    Thanks for listening! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  22. Happy Dance! Woot! But...

    As per Jane's comment (emphasis mine), "Trunk is the development branch or .org core, and that change should not have merged to .com." it shouldn't have been rolled out to in the first place, so I have to ask who's minding the store?

    As far as acknowledging our role as beta testers, I don't agree. If kelworthfiles had never posted over there, correctly or incorrectly, or our concerns passed up the food chain by those who can, then, despite the comment I made previously, how is feedback from relevant to the process?

    Regardless, whew! Back to work!

  23. You're quite welcome, folks!

    I'm glad this one worked out. :)

  24. Thanks so much!

  25. Thank you! Restored my confidence. You guys rock.

  26. Ahhh...!

    There is joy again in Mudville!


    Dick G
    Semper Watching!

  27. @wank, @TT, @kelworthfiles, I missed the post by Jane the first time through that trac thread.

  28. Hey, thanks everyone for complaining loudly about this, and thanks to staff for listening! I was affected by the change too, and didn't like it, but didn't have time to find this forum post on the issue till now. So happy to find two columns again when I went to post at qarrtsiluni this afternoon.

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