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Add New Post screen stuck as 1 column

  1. I logged in to write a post today, and noticed that something was different about my 'Add New Post' screen. All of the modules are arranged vertically, taking up the width of the screen except for the left dashboard menu bar, instead of being arranged in columns like before.

    I don't know how to get it back - I tried dragging modules to one side of the other, but still they only arrange vertically. Any help would be appreciated! On my netbook screen, vertical arrangement is particularly unhelpful in terms of letting me organize my blog posts. :-(

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Mine is too. Http://
    Theme, Misty Look

  3. Mine too, ANNOYING! Please help!! Now I have to go back and forth from preview over and over to see how it will look at the end.
    Theme: Parament.

  4. Click Screen Options while on the post editor screen, select Number of Columns: 2 (as well as which modules you need and which ones you don't), then drag to rearrange.

  5. justpi: I don't have 'Number of Columns' in Screen options for Edit Post or Add New Post - but it shows up when I'm in Screen Options for the main dashboard.

    Screen capture of my Screen Options for New Post:

  6. Same here, no column options in new post screen, and 2 column already selected in main dashboard screen. Still one column for new post screen.

  7. justheretotakenotes

    Same for me, just one large column. This started yesterday, yet another ridiculous and pointless change that just doesn't improve things, it just makes everything more difficult. WordPress is becoming like Facebook with constant unecessary changes that drives people away.

  8. You're right about WP in general, but this case isn't a change, it's probably a bug. Here's my post editor screen options:

  9. Hmm... so, is there a good chance that somebody who can fix the bug will notice this forum topic, or should those of us affected place formal support requests, I wonder?

  10. justheretotakenotes

    But isn't it a bug BECAUSE of all the constant changes to things? So many bugs with everything lately, maybe it's time we called in the nit nurse!!

  11. As of yesterday my Dashboard is displaying in a single column as well. This is the case whether or not I'm working in the editor on a draft or editing or commenting. When I click "Add New" the column that used to be my righthand sidebar and everything in it is displaying below the editor box. I am not in distraction free writing mode. I don't wish to have my page displaying this way. I want it back the way it was so I sure hope this is a bug and not another surprise "improvement".

  12. Same here. Lost the 2-column display on page editing and drag-and-drop of tags, categories, publish, etc. and can not get it back. Help!

  13. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention so we can get a reply to the questions:
    Is this a bug or an new "improvement"?
    If it's an improvement then is there a method of disabling this and reverting to the former display?

  14. dandelionsalad

    Thanks, timethief.

    I'm also having the same one column show up in Add a New Post and there is no option to choose either the 1 or 2 column layout like there used to be in screen options.

    Hope this gets fixed soon as it is very inconvenient to use with the categories and tags at the bottom of the page.

  15. I'm visually challenged and I need this change like I need blinders. The sidebar content is all at the bottom now and one has to scroll down to locate it. Worse still because it's no longer on the tighhand side that means when I am preparing a post for publication I cannot just scan from left to right and fill in all the modules as required. Now I have to scroll and refocus my eyes and then scroll and refocus my eyes to add categories, tags, set featured images, etc. I sure hope this is a bug and it gets fixed ASAP.

  16. Justpi: How big is your monitor, what resolution is it at?

    I noticed that I was in two-column layout at work, and started experimenting with my home desktop monitor:
    If the resolution is set at 1152*864, I'm naturally at two-column and have the ability to change it in 'Screen Options.'
    If I go down to my normat 1024*768, I'm locked into one-column. :anger:

    Please,, don't lock us smaller-monitor owners into a layout that we don't want! 1024 pixels is more than enough to use two columns on well!

  17. Oh, by the way, is anybody affected by this a customer paying for upgrades? Because apparently, the rest of us are proles who aren't entitled to complain to directly, just rant at each other on the forums. *Anger level is rising.*

  18. @kelworthfiles
    My screen resolution size is 1024 x 768 and I'm locked into one-column too :anger:

  19. I have upgrades on both blogs.

  20. P.S. This thread was flagged for Staff attention by me hours ago @9:09 AM and Staff have been posting to the forum since that time. I don't know why they have not responded to the flagging on this thread. :(

  21. Ahh, okay, thanks. Is 'Flag for staff attention' on the forums another paid member perk?

  22. No. There are no perks that I'm aware of. I pay for specific upgrades for my blogs and I get what I paid for ie. the upgrades and support for them.

    Re: modlook tag

    If you would like to bring anything to the attention of the moderators or staff, please simply add the "modlook" tag followed by a second tag with your reason. For example, "modlook, spammer [username]"

  23. I am unable to reproduce the issue myself. Are you still having trouble?

  24. Hello macmanx.

    I am still having trouble. You need to have your browser window at 1024 pixels wide or less to see the issue in firefox - I can resize my browser back and forth and see the 2-column layout (and the option to control it) appear and disappear:

    Is this intended behaviour? The workaround of changing to a higher screen resolution is inconvenient at best and impossible on netbooks.

  25. @macmanx
    Please, please go into my blog and click "add new" or click any comment in the Dashboard panel.

  26. I am using Firefox 11 on windows xp
    screen resolution 1024 x 768 and I'm locked into one-column on both blogs :(

  27. I expect the 2-column layout requires 1024px wide to work correctly and that is why it disappears when you narrow your browser window to less than that. 1024px has been sort of the minimum width design in the dashboard for quite some time - at least from my experience.

  28. Ah, this is intentional. kelworthfiles, thanks for the tip on the screen size.

    This is part of some upcoming responsive design changes to the Dashboard in WordPress 3.4. When the window size is less than optimal width for a decent-sized post editor with sidebar (1024px specifically), it will switch to one column.

  29. @thesacredpath
    I am not narrowing anything. :(

  30. timethief, yet even with a screen resolution of 1024, the browser window itself takes up some space, meaning it's less than 1024 unless you use a full screen view.

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