Add Option to Link to Scheduled Posts

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    In the Insert/Edit Link Popup window there is a search bar that searches published posts so that one can easily link to them. I would like to request the option to also search scheduled posts.

    For instance, I have scheduled two posts for the future. I want to link one of them to the other and would have liked the option of doing so from the Insert/Edit Link search bar.

    The blog I need help with is



    The difficulty with that is that when you publish and have linked to scheduled posts those URLs will be 404’s (page not found) because the scheduled posts have not yet been published.


    That’s only if one links to a post before it is published. In my case, I have two scheduled posts. I wanted to link the later one to the earlier one.

    I agree it can lead to problems — perhaps a warning message or something could help. My idea was to have a check box for the option to show scheduled posts.

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