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    I am trying to connect my Pinterest account to my blog. I cant find the Plugins tab in the dashboard.

    The blog I need help with is


    Howdy, what type of connection are you looking to set up with Pinterest?

    Currently you can use our sharing tools to add a button to posts that lets readers share your posts on Pinterest. There is not a way to set up posts on to automatically publish to Pinterest, though.



    Hi! Thanks for that information. Very helpful, but I was wondering if there was a link to direct followers to my personal Pinterest page so they could follow me on that. Like a part where it says “follow me on Pinterest’ ect?

    Thank you again!




    We don’t have a sharing setting for that specifically, but you could use a link or image widget to do the same thing!

    Here’s more information about how to use the image widget:

    You could set this on your homepage (Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets), and use a caption with it (built-in feature) to say “follow my Pinterest page” or whatever you would like, with a URL for the image. You’d have to find a Pinterest image that you like (or you can use any image that’s eye-catching, I suppose).

    Does that help?

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