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add Plugoo Widget

  1. check out and add a widget for it as you did for meebo

  2. It's always more influential if you state to staff why it is that you would like to have the particular feature in question added. For example: does the one you prefer have additional features or is it more stable or secure than the one that's already available?

  3. With plugoo's widget you can use your current IM client.
    Width meboo's widget you "must" use meboo IM web client.
    Width plugoo's widget you can personalize your offline, online and away messages (and put them in your language).
    Width meboo's widget those text messages are fixed.

    Please allow to insert them both ^_^

  4. @rubensa
    Thanks for posting this on the forum. Please send an feedback to staff and include a link back to this thread.

  5. ...with the reasoning why you would like to see it added. That puts a lot more weight on the suggestion.


  6. you might add a plugoo widget for the sidebar as you did for meebo... the wordpress plugin doesn't seem easy to implement...

  7. Plugoo all the way. I spent about 90mins yesterday playing with Meebo, and it's cool. But I really don't like the web client for my own messaging, plugoo allows users to chat to me on my preferred chat client.

    Please add plugoo!

  8. Please read the thread that you post in and follow what's suggested! :)

    (ie send in a feedback requesting this feature and explaining why you would like to see it added in)

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