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    Not sure if my topic title is clear. I am an ice hockey coach and I am putting together this blog to post different topics. I want to add 50 or so drills but I don’t want each one to clog up the “Home” page, I want to keep the “Home” page for special topics if possible. I was thinking I would add a page called Drills and post directly to that page but I can’t figure out how to do that. I am really new to this so I may have missed it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    First off there isn’t any way to limit what shows on the main post page. All published posts will show up there. You can limit the number of posts that will show on the main page though (settings > reading).

    Pages that you create are static and sit outside the blog structure: . There is no way to turn pages you create into “blogs”.

    The way you organize posts in a blog is by using categories. In some themes, there is a trick you can use to turn the top navigation tabs into links to category pages, but it does not work with the theme you are using. This blog post explains the trick and which themes the trick can be used in (blogs listed in left column): . If you happen to use a theme without top navigation tabs, the above trick works just fine with the pages widget in all themes. You can also use a text widget to create links to your various categories.

    What you can do to control how your visitors see your blog is to create a static front page for your blog so that the post do not show up on the front page and on that page create a welcome message along with a brief explanation of how to use the site if you wish: .



    Excellent, that is exactly what I wanted to do…..thanks


    You’re welcome.

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