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    There are blogs that I have seen on other sites that allow you to a desciption of what blog is really all about in a much smaller font. This is part of the blog title box that always remains at the top of the page.
    I cannot work out how to do this with my WordPress blog.


    Blog title (large “themed” font): Tim Henman
    Descriptive text (smaller text just below): This blog is about Tim Henman and why he has continued to frustrate his fans at Wimbledon over the years…



    It’s called a tagline. But go to your dashboard, click Options, and then write in this field what you want:

    When you save it, it might take a few minutes to show up on the main page. Or go edit a post but don’t edit anything. Just save it. That always works for me because I’m so impatient. lol



    Thanks for the advice. I already entered some info in the tagline a couple of days ago, but when I go to the main page of my blog, nothing appears…



    I have now out the problem.
    The theme I had chosen did NOT display taglines!!
    I have changed the theme and all is now well.

    Thanks again.



    Not all of the themes will display the tagline. Most do though.

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