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add sidebar to about me page

  1. Hello,

    Sorry, I am brand new here and I haven't figured out how to do this. I have a sidebar on my main page but I want one in my about me page. Can anyone help? Thank you.

    Mark Mustang

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I see your sidebar on your about page:

  3. You have to choose a theme that has sidebars on all the pages. Kubrick, the theme most people start with, doesn't have that.

  4. The theme is Simpla.
    sidebar included…

  5. Sorry, what I meant was a different sidebar. One that is not the same as the main page.

  6. I just want my social vibe badge on my about me and not on my main pretty much.

  7. There are some themes which show sidebars sometimes:

    But all themes show the same sidebar on all posts or pages.

    There are some simple html tricks which could add a sidebar to your about page, but why not just put your badge right onto the page?

    (sometimes (often) such tricks don't work in IE)

  8. /waving to Tess
    Aside from the themes Tess points to the Inove theme provides the option of choosing which pages the sidebar will be shown on.

  9. However, none of the themes allow you to style different sidebars for different pages not do those with customizable themes allow for different headers on different pages. If you requite that kind of flexibility then your best best is to hire a web host, download free software form and self host. Then you can either upload a theme with those features or hack a theme to suit.

  10. in the 1st sentence above "not" was meant to be "nor" - sorry :(

  11. One correction please: in iNove there's no "option of choosing which pages the sidebar will be shown on". The option is just sidebar or no sidebar (for the whole blog - all static and dynamic pages).

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