Add sidebar to all blog posts in Twenty Eleven?

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    Is it possible for my blog posts to always show my sidebar in Twenty Eleven?

    I know this is possible for Pages, but I can’t work out how to make the sidebar display on all my blog posts. At the moment the sidebar is only visible on the home page of my blog but not when someone views a particular blog post.

    I figure people would be more likely to read other posts if the sidebar was visible, rather than expecting them to go back to the home page every time.

    Any help greatly appreciated :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Unfortunately, there’s no way to change the way themes work here. You can change the look in CSS, but not the functionality.


    So it’s definitely not possible then? There isn’t some setting that I’m missing that would allow it?



    The Twenty Eleven theme is not designed to provide for a sidebar on single post pages. CSS editing can change only appearance. It cannot change the way the theme funtcions. Many other themes have sidebars on every page. Why not select another one?


    Thanks for your help – I like the rest of the theme to much to change for one relatively minor feature. It’s not a deal breaker :)

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