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add social menu

  1. I switched theme to sketch ,love it!how to put the social icons menu?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there, first off, you need to create the Custom Links in your menu for the social media services you wish to add. I see you have a FB icon and an email icon in your media library. If you want additional services, you will need to upload icons for those as well.

    Once you have the menu items created and have the icons in your media library (if you want additional) post back here to let us know and we can help with the code.

  3. Hi there!I done it.another question:I want to create a portfolio page,to make the blog like the demo,but i have a about page at the begininning.can it be anywhere on the blog?

  4. We have a couple of support documents on activating and using Portfolios. Portfolios is already active on your site, so the following will get you going on using them.

    Portfolio Shortcode

    Before we can proceed with the social icons, you need to do this:

    Hi there, first off, you need to create the Custom Links in your menu for the social media services you wish to add.

  5. This is the facebook link link.php?action=edit&link_id=13/

  6. email link

  7. @catezapp, I need you to go to Appearance > Menu and add in the links for Facebook and your email using the Custom Links function in the menu.

  8. For the email address, use this as a link and replace youremailaddress with your actual email address. For the labels on the FB and email entries in your custom menu, you can use anything you wish as we will be hiding those with CSS and inserting the images instead.


  9. For the images you can use the files i downloaded on the media library.

  10. Yes I know, but I don't at this point have a place to put the images since you have not created the entries in the menu. I don't know the email address or where you want your facebook icon to link to, so I can't create the menu items for you.

  11. This is thefacebook pagei want it linked to,and this email adress thank you very much for doing it for me!

  12. Hi there, and thanks for the links. I've added the menu items for FB and the email and added the icons. Take a look and see what you think.

  13. Could you tell me how to add the icons to Motif?

  14. (forgot to ask for email followups)

  15. Hi there!@thesacredpath I looked but could not find them in the widget area,where are they?

  16. catzapp -- they're in the very top righthand corner of your blog.

  17. Lovely thanks

  18. You are welcome.

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