Add support for PowerPoint SlideShows (*.pps, .ppsx)

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    I note that the upload system already allows *.ppt and *.pptx. .pps is an extension that forces powerpoint to play the slideshow immediately, rather than going into the editing mode of PowerPoint. It shouldn’t cause any issues to add this, and treat it identically to .ppt for security reasons.



    You’re right, I’ve updated the code to support these. Try it out and let me know how it goes.



    It works. Thank you for the prompt response and implementation :)



    I have been trying to upload a .ppsx file. It is not working.



    “redesign project.ppsx” has failed to upload due to an error
    File type does not meet security guidelines. Try another.



    Odd, it’s mentioned in the accepted file types. I’ve added a tag so that hopefully Staff will look in and take action.



    I have been trying to upload a .ppsx file. It is not working.

    I just checked in to this and everything should be working OK as far as I can tell.

    Can you please try once more? If you are still experiencing a problem with it, please attach the presentation to an email, send it to, mention this forum thread, and just give us a little recap of the situation and we’ll take a look at it for you.



    Hi @kowsdontski,

    We did find a bit of a glitch involving .ppsx filetypes. We’ve corrected it and they should upload without issue now.



    I’ve been able to successfully upload a .ppsx slideshow, but when it’s launched, it does not run the slideshow; instead, it goes into powerpoint edit mode, just as it would for a plain .ppt file. Can you help me understand why the slideshow won’t run automatically, or if anyone else has been able to get this to work? Thanks.


    i too have been able to successfully upload a .ppsx and .pps file, but when it’s launched it does not run the slideshow, instead, it goes into powerpoint edit mode as if it were a .ppt file. Shouldn’t it run as a slideshow automatically instead of opening in edit mode? Please advise. Thanks.


    WordPress would have to have a PP slideshow viewer built into it for it to actually show as a slideshow within the blog, or the person viewing it would have to have a PP slideshow viewer add-on installed in their browser.

    I have doubts there are any GPL PP slideshow viewers they can incorporate. I also have doubts there are any PP slideshow viewer plugins for browsers.

    Some have turned the slideshows into movies and then posted those to Youtube or such and then put that video into their blogs, but if there is audio with it, the audio will not be in the video as I understand it.


    Basically on the document uploads, you can upload the files, but typically provide a link and then the visitor can download and look at the file (assuming they have either PP or a PP viewer on their computer). There also is no built-in PP slideshow viewer, there is no Excel viewer, no Word viewer, etc., here at

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