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Add text to Choco footer?

  1. Choco doesn't offer a footer widget, but there is some default text there. Is there any way for me to add my copyright line to that text block, and if so, how? I've got copyright info elsewhere, but I think most people expect to see it at the bottom of the page.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This code will reposition your current sidebar text widget under the existing footer and style it similarly:

    #page {position:relative;}
    #text-165762477 {position:absolute; bottom:-140px; left:0; text-align:center; width:100%; color:#7E6A4F; font-size:0.846em;}
    #text-165762477 h4 {display:none;}
    #sidebar #text-165762477 a {color:#9D6510;}
  3. Awesome! Thanks, hallluke! I'd have never figured that out by myself. The widget still shows in the sidebar on my dashboard, so I assume I can update it from there as needed (when the year rolls over). Yes?

  4. Yeah it's the exact same method of editing which you can do anytime, it'll appear below your footer as long as you keep that code and upgrade the CSS customisation editing every year.

  5. Perfect. Thanks again.

  6. I want to add google analytics code on footer line in choco them.
    But there is no place to add it.. Can you help me?

  7. @edessoysblog
    We cannot install Google Analytics on blogs. See here >

  8. thank you timethief .. but It is not enough for me. I just can see how many people click. but I need how many of them are new and how many find me from another website. etc..

    how can I get this stats? :(

  9. Please understand that if you had searched the forum or support documentation you would have found your own answer. We cannot install Google Analytics on blogs -- period -- end of story.

    The only way you can have Google Analytics is to self host a wordpress.ORG install. Hire a web host and get a free software download for self hosting from Then export your blog content out of your blog and import it into your wordpress.ORG install for self hosting.

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