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Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog.

  1. Hi Everyone maybe i`m not looking everywhere, but can you add like HTML code form say a Blog Poll from and where. You can do this with blogger but i dont loke the layout>

    please help.


  2. first you need to show us the code so we can determine if you can place it in your (presumably) blog.

  3. <script language="javascript" src=""></script>

  4. we can't add javascript in blogs for security reasons

  5. It's a javascript. Those are removed from all user input due to security concerns.

    The poster may want to search the forums as polls have come up many many times in the past and we've discussed which ones work here, which ones don't and why.

  6. Here is the link to a free third party poll that we can use on our blogs at

  7. Thank you al for helping - however the poll thing was only an example i just noticed the function i want to add has a "javascript' code and a normal one... excuse my non p.c lingo the problem i have is how to actually add it. wp is a much easier way to blog ( i want to start using it as a website) - The third part code i want to add is a newsletter sign-u form, from Do you guys have to add it or do you have a widget like blogger to just add it like a element?

  8. If it has java script in it then you cant use it. If it's plain HTML code then just copy it into a text box and add it to your side bar

  9. mypool,
    To add it in you need to put it in a widget (as you suspect). Go to "Presentation" -> "widgets" and add it from there. The one you need is a text widget. If you do not have enough by default, add them further down the page.
    Perhaps we should also add that not all "normal" HTML is acceptable either. As tiamatsdisciple suggests, just place it in a text widget and put it into the sidebar. After you save it, look at it again or check it out on your page. Most of the time it will work - sometimes not.

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