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Add This! social bookmarking button and rss suscribe button

  1. I have been trying out a new little social bookmarking button on my blogs that others may be interested in. It's called Add This!

    “Simple and recognizable widgets to help your visitors save and promote your website or blog to the social bookmarking and feed reader services!”

    You can check the social bookmark out on my blog here and see if you're interested.

    Simply copy-and-paste the code into your pages or posts.

    <!-- AddThis Bookmark Button BEGIN -->
    <img src="" width="125" height="16" border="0" alt="AddThis Social Bookmark Button" />
    <!-- AddThis Bookmark Button END -->

    <!-- AddThis Feed Button BEGIN -->
    <img src="" width="160" height="24" border="0" alt="AddThis Feed Button" />
    <!-- AddThis Feed Button END -->

  2. Hi TT,
    Do you need to open an ADDThis account for the button to work? or can we copy and paste from here and it will still work?
    Does the viewer of the post need to have an account as well for it to be clickable/added?
    I ask because once I click on the button, it seems to go to the site. But what is the person to do once there? Open an account?
    Maybe you could explain it a bit more?

  3. I'm only exploring right now. I did not create an account. I simply copied and pasted the code for the button at the end of my posts. Now what I'm looking for is for someone to click the button and tell me what they experience. Would you do that for me please?

  4. I did do that and it took me to the site. Once there, I really did not know how to "submit" your page.
    It shows all the feed sites, then down at the bottom it shows a box, don't ask again or something, but there is no submit button.
    I will add the code to my page, you can click from there and see what I mean.
    BRB, when added code.

  5. The site also says that you do not need to add it to all your pages for this to work, but I did not see any other alternative.
    I think maybe the code is to go into a widget???
    Would seem logical, but I am no wiz that's for sure LOL. As you will see now

    I added th code at the bottom of

    does not look pretty like yours?
    Check it out

  6. TT,
    I even put it in a text widget and labeled it Add Me (bottom right of blog.
    I must leave for a while, but will try to come back later. I will leave it up on the site for a day so anyone else can look (and help) if they want OK.
    Hope it helps as I am very interested in this also.

  7. (1) I don't understand why you didn't end up with a button like mine. The code below produced a button on my blog.

    <!-- AddThis Bookmark Button BEGIN -->
    <img src="" width="160" height="24" border="0" alt="AddThis Social Bookmark Button" />
    <!-- AddThis Bookmark Button END -->

    (2) When I click the social bookmarking button code you have put up on your post I end up in my delicious account ready to add a bookmark. Do you have a delicious account or one of the other social bookmarking accounts? If you don't then maybe that's why you end up on the Add This! page.

    (3) The Add Me you put in the text widget does not work.

  8. update:
    sunburntkamel has tried the Add This! widget out also and has pronounced that it works and he likes it.

  9. wow, i didn't know my opinion had that much weight :P

    anyway, when you paste in the code, only paste the stuff in between the comments. wordpress has serious problems with HTML comments. paste this:

    <a href="" title="Bookmark using any bookmark manager!" target="_blank"><img src="" width="125" height="16" border="0" alt="AddThis Social Bookmark Button" /></a>

    should work better.

  10. @gottabkd-

    make sure you switch to the code tab before pasting this in.

  11. I have other reports from readers saying they like it too. The cool thing is that there's no javascript involved - it's just html. Your stripped down code is also better as the original leaves a lot of blank space above and below the button. Thanks :)

  12. defrostindoors

    This is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. THANK YOU! *mwah*

  13. Maybe I'll remove the "resolved" so more bloggers become aware of it. :)

  14. The only thing I don't like about this is that in order to bookmark a specific topic you need to go to that particular posts individual page. Any 'bookmark' button on the main page, regardless of the entry will try and bookmark your main site URL.....any workarounds anyone can think of (short of only displaying 1 post per page).


  15. you could put it under a
    <!--more add this!-->
    tag. it's still not perfect, since it's still possible to click the link from the blog surfer.

    i say 'not perfect', but really, it's about people being able to find and recommend your site. i doubt it's too problematic if they bookmark your front page instead of the specific article.

  16. @TT-
    it's probably best to just change the status to "this is not a support question".

  17. Thanks adam, I will do that for all the new entries.....better than nothing! Cheers.


  18. Actually I just mark them as resolved. if you mark them as "This is not...", it shows up under the unresolved search.

  19. Okay gentlemen, I will now mark this thread as "resolved".

  20. that's kind of a glitch, dontcha think? if it's not a support question, semantically, it can't be unresolved. probably best to send in feedback come monday ;)

  21. Okay so it's back to "unresolved" ... lol ... and I'll leave it to drmike to send in the feedback or change the staus or whatever ... lol :D

  22. hello folks,

    although you can use the so called "Feed Widget" pasting its code to one of a .com sidebar "Text Widget" (but just don't forget to include your Feed URL and optionally 'Blog Title' there), the "Bookmarking widget" (which allows to bookmark any particular post of your blag ) does not work here and now without the same kind of an internal support as was made for the 'Digg This' button.

    the matter is to bookmark a particular post AddThis, Digg or any other soc. bookmarking svc. first of all needs a 'Permalink URL' and a 'Post Title' of this opsts, which are supposed to be passed as parameters by means of tiny JavaScript bits to the AddThis service.

    it works all the same way as a 'Press This' button on a WP navbar, but the problem is a JavaScript part of a Addthis "widget" code is Automatticaly striped on .com hosted blags.

    a mere embedding an image (as in all examples above) just gives you a clickable image link to the AddThis service without actually telling it which post (or feed) needs to be bookmarked, what is probably not exactly what you originally intend.

    the correct code for the "Feed Widget" only is:

    <a href="" title="Subscribe using any feed reader!"><img src="" title="AddThis Feed Button" /></a>

    as already was suggested by Adam another cool aproach is to use a very nice Alex King's plugin for WP called 'Share This'. you can see it in action on the Alex King's own blog or on this one.

    [kudos to Matt who took into consideration and Ryan who has finally implemented a remedy to a "Full text feed problem when using <!--more--> tag" real issue.]

  23. Hi everyone,
    I was away for the weekend and see that a fix has been made. Cool.
    It appears to work in my wideget now. Thanks sunburnt.
    TT, I do not belong to delicious but do belong to technorati... and would think it would allow me in that way. (I wonder if Add this is a delicious sub company?)
    Maybe I will make an addthis account to take care of it all and see what happens from there.

  24. @sunburnt, yes I did forget to switch to "code" when I added the button. Du-Oh! LOL
    It worked properly on my Starbucks article.

  25. As charlie brown and peanuts would say, Grrrrrrrr... I am so confused by the do this, no this, no try this for it to work, place this code here, no there and don't forget to add this to that in the other place. Seesk.

    Due to my disability I have problems with sequences of information, even with out the variables. I just get overwhelmed with all the sequences and back switches, ect. I appreciate all the trouble shooting that has been done to sort out what works and does not work.

    If someone could distill it down for me so that there are simple easy steps to adding this Add this widet to my blog, your time and energy would be very much appreciated. Note: when I tried to add get clicky to my blog it took countless forum questions. You may remember those forum threads. I do not want to allienate anyone nor do I want anyone to think I am spamming the system. Thanks. Craig

  26. Social bookmark button code

    <a href="" title="Bookmark using any bookmark manager!"><img src="" width="125" height="16" border="0" alt="AddThis Social Bookmark Button" /></a>

    RSS feed button code - remember to replace "YOUR_BLAGNAME" in the code below with your actual blog's name.

    <a href="" title="Subscribe using any feed reader!"><img src="" title="AddThis Feed Button" /></a>

  27. Hi Timethief,
    Thanks so much. Text widget placement or where?

  28. A text widget in your sidebar will do nicely. :)

  29. @second.... just like the three you have on the left of your blog under "about":)

  30. Several follow up questions. Do I have to place anything on my specific posts for it to work on all my blog?

    Is there anything else that I have to do to introduce my blog to delicious or any other social bookmarking type sites?

    Secondly, I have found that if I include anymore code to my main side bar in my Presentation>side bar widgets that when I update the settings, my new addition to the side bar ends up not aligned with the other left side bar widgets. I do not know why I can not place more widgets in my left side bar. The widget is placed next to the current title of my most recent post. Got any ideas?

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