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Add title to tags automatically?

  1. I would like to have the title of the post automatically added to the tags. I have many existing posts that do not have the title as a tag currently. Is there a plugin or something that can do this? also, do it for future posts that i make too?

  2. Despite some bad yet oft-repeated advice from SEOs, this is not a good idea. Nor is it possible at And, of course, we can't use plugins here.

  3. The search engines see you title just fine when they crawl your blog (it's one of the first things they will look at). They don't have to be reminded of the title in the tags.

  4. having relevant keywords in your meta keywords isn't a good idea? did i miss something?

  5. what do you mean we can't use plugins here?

  6. On, it is not possible to automatically add post title as tags.

    Custom plugins are for self-hosted sites:

  7. oh ok, i see. i must be asking in the wrong place then. i'll keep trying...

  8. If you WERE hosted here it would be a bad idea because staff have been known to drop people off the global tag pages for doing things like that, particularly if they are the only ones using those tags

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