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"Add to existing CSS" option not working for me

  1. I'm trying to edit the Contempt style sheet using the first option in the CSS Stylesheet Editor. When I add just one ID element to change the background-color and click Preview the page displays all scrambled up. Is there some kind of header that needs to go ahead of any changes that I make?

  2. Please be patient while waiting for a blogger with css customization experience to help you. I have put out "the call".

  3. When I add just one ID element to change the background-color...

    I don't understand this part. Do you perhaps mean an attribute?

    Would you mind pasting the code you're using to see what might be the problem?

    Edit: FYI, this is devblog, I didn't realize I was using one test account I have >:(

  4. Another question: Each time I save my CSS additions, using the "Add to existing CSS" option, does it replace previous saved additions or does it create a new file each time or replace the previous additions? That is, if I have saved additions to the existing CSS 5 times do I now have 5 files or just one file?

  5. Here is exactly what I tried to add to the existing CSS:
    #page {
    background-color: white;
    margin: 0px auto;
    padding: 0px;
    width: 750px;
    border: 0;
    I pasted it into a blank edit box and clicked Preview. The format of the displayed page was dramatically different even though the code above represents no change from the existing stylesheet.

  6. Thanks devblog. I expect sunburntkamel may be available later tonight as well. :)

  7. TT, well, I don't wanna butt in, so should I leave it to him?

  8. @devblog
    - go for it.

  9. nah, that's fine, sun has enough experience with this stuff that I'm sure he'll figure it out without any help.

  10. Hey, I'll accept help from anyone.

  11. @bgnoise
    If devblog is still online he'll help you now and if he's gone offline then sun will probably be online this evening.
    I have zero css skills and cannot help. :(

  12. I answered devblog's question above -- and asked another one.

  13. Do not despair one or the other will get back to you probably after supper.

  14. @devblog-

    butt in anytime, i can't be around all the time. you seem pretty experienced yourself :D

    i'm not seeing your custom stylesheet. when i added the code you posted, i didn't see any difference. what are you trying to change?

    when you edit your CSS, there's only one file that gets loaded. each time you save it, you're overwriting the previous version.

  15. @bgnoise,

    So, you're only pasting the code posted above in a blank edit box... Well yes, you will see that everything will get messed up because you don't have the definition to other elements in the page.

    What happens is that when you customize your CSS, you're overriding the existing one. So, if you only save one element to your custom CSS file, then that's the only one (in this case #page) that will get formatted. You will need to define other elements as well.

    What you can do is, take the original CSS and edit only the elements that you want, leaving the rest untouched will keep your blog from having an undesired look.

  16. SBK was typing at the same time.

    @SBK, sure thing. I'll be happy to assist whenever possible.

  17. On the CSS edit page there are two options:
    1. Add to existing CSS.
    2. Start from scratch and just use this.
    You seem to be describing option 2. I'm trying to use option 1. It is supposed to allow me to enter just the changes I want to make to the stylesheet and then those changes are supposed to supercede what's in the original stylesheet or add to what's in the original sylesheet. That is, the changes I enter are supposed to act like an addendum added to the bottom of the original stylesheet.

    I can manage by using option 2 but I just wondered why option 1 doesn't seem to work. Or perhaps my understanding of the way it is supposed to work is all wrong.

  18. bgnoise-
    that's definately the way it should work. you might want to send in feedback if it's not working that way.

    i'm still not seeing your CSS edits being loaded at all.

  19. I haven't saved any CSS edits. I've been using Preview.

  20. i'm afraid you're on your own then, since i can't see this stuff. i've pasted what you tried to add to the end of the stylesheet, and it didn't cause anything to break. check out the CSS resourses linked under your edit CSS box, and see if you can become more comfortable with the stuff.

    i will say that contempt is not the easiest theme to edit.

  21. It works fine for me too when I paste the whole CSS page into the edit box and then make changes or additions.

    What I've been trying to figure out is the difference in functionality between the two options presented on the CSS Edit Page. I've come to the conclusion that there is none.

    Check out the other thread I started: Options on CSS Edit Page Misleading.

  22. if you think it's a backend problem, don't tell us, post feedback in your dashboard.

    i see it working fine on plenty of blogs, though. (c.f. urbansemiotic)

  23. They don't provide support on the Custom CSS Upgrade -- which is a mystery in itself: They provide support on the FREE blog. but they don't provide support on the PAID upgrade.

    Is there anyone out there who can explain the difference in functionality of the two options on the Edit CSS page?

  24. they provide support for the backend. i can't fix your backend. if a button in your dashboard doesn't do what it's supposed to, contact support. we're just volunteers. i don't have any special powers that will let me fix your dashboard.

    what they won't do is tell you how to fix your CSS. i do that, in my free time, for fun.

  25. I understand sunburnt. And I appreciate your attempt to help. But, since this is a forum, I'm hoping that there might be someone else out there who can explain the difference in functionality of the two options on the Edit CSS page. I'm not asking that they be changed; I'm just trying to understand how they are supposed to work.

  26. @bgnoise
    Wordpress provides support to all the bloggers whose blogs they host. Both bloggers who choose to pay to purchase the css customization option and those who don't do receive the same support.
    However, staff do not teach bloggers how to css customize their blogs and do not tutor them through the learning process.
    I recommend that you pose your question: please explain the difference in functionality of the two options on the Edit CSS page to staff by way of a feedback. :)

  27. ^^what TT said.

    additionally, i'm saying that custom CSS should and does function the way you're imagining it, and the way it is described.

    if you choose
    1) add to existing CSS
    then will load the stylesheet associated with your theme first, and then your stylesheet.

    if you choose
    2) start from scratch and just use this
    then wordpress will NOT load the theme stylesheet, and will ONLY load your stylesheet.

    if it is not doing that, then please contact support. in order to verify this, you WILL need to view the source of the preview page, and send a screenshot to support.

  28. You can debug whether or not the stylesheet options are loading by looking at the HTML source of your blog.

    Looking at the only style sheet that is loaded is:

    link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css" media="screen"

    So there's definitely a problem. A couple of stupid questions to help identify it:

    1) Have you purchased the CSS upgrade?
    (if you haven't bought the upgrade then all you can do is preview)
    2) Have you ever saved your CSS changes?
    (there might be a bug if you've never saved any of your changes yet)
    3) Does your CSS validate?
    ( strips out all invalid CSS without warning you)

  29. @engtech- he's only looking at the preview, he says so a few posts up. which may be part of the reason his CSS looks funny.

  30. If I visit

    I still don't see his own stylesheet getting added.

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