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    Hi all –

    I am trying to add Typekit fonts to a theme that is not officially supported. I have read through previous forum posts and deduced that I need to add the css declarations to the Typekit. I’ve added a few in (such as h1, h2), and clicked Publish. I waited for the publishing popup to disappear, then refreshed my website. However, I am not seeing the fonts I chose on my site.

    Is there an additional step I have to take?

    The blog I need help with is



    Did you add your Typekit ID number under Appearance>Typekit Fonts?


    For your site title, you will want to use


    For the tagline, you would want to use

    #header .description


    Sorry, I made a boo boo. For the site title, tell typekit this.

    #logo a


    Actually, both will work. Use the first.



    I’ve made the changes above, but I am not sure they are working. Comparing the font on the site to what I see on Typekit’s text preview, they aren’t the same. The site seems to be in regular ol’ Times New Roman.


    From looking at your site CSS, this is what is being applied to the site title, description and h1 and h2 fonts.




    Got it! Thanks!

    I’m guessing font size changes aren’t possible on the non-CSS plan of wordpress?


    No, font-size changes are only possible for titles and such with the CSS upgrade.

    You can post by post, or page by page do font-size changes manually with HTML or inline CSS though.



    What’s the best way to preview the font on Typekit at the size it will be rendered in? The slider only has small to big, no sizes.


    Yeah, that is a problem, and those fonts sizes do not relate to what is specified in the CSS. The other issue with typekit is that a lot of the fonts they have are not following font standards. In other words, two similar fonts at 12pt can be vastly different in size when put onto a webpage. On a client’s site, her chosen font for the title had to be increased from 1.5em to 2.7em just to get it to appear like the it was the same size as the one we replaced. It’s a problem without a solution as far as I can see. Typekit needs to give more choices for sizing font samples.



    I guess I’ll just have to go back to the default fonts until I figure out a better way. Thank you for your help!


    You are welcome and sorry I do not have a preview solution for you.

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