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    I like the multi author function in But I am not really happy about the limitiation to other user. I mean, it’s no Problem to get a new account. It’s done in a few seconds. But why and whatfor? If I just want to add someone as an extra author it is a waste of ressources to create a new blog, that he probably will never use.


    Anyone who gets hooked on helping you blog will eventually blog on their own–it’s just that addictive. And the purpose of the multiuser version of wordpress that the admins have running here naturally encourages community. That community is users. Now maybe the admins would argue it’s a technical limitation, but I think it’s about community, much like Xanga or Livejournal.



    the only real purposed i see for multi-user blogging on are families who wish to keep everyone updated. why create a multi-user blog when blogs are free to begin with.

    the option is convenient though.



    uhhm, may be multi-user blogs are good as a kind of premoderated communty’s blog…

    i.e. Authors can post articles but they are not published till Admin approves ’em.

    in fact, I beleive, that would be quite useful if a user with for instance a Subscriber role could read password-protected posts/[pages?]. else who would need them?



    according with: “What’s New in 2.0: Roles and Capabilities” and Permission Change Overview in 1.6

    “Contributors can write posts, but can’t publish them. Authors can write and publish their own posts.”



    Try ;)
    Not really on the multi-user topic, but the idea came to mind.



    I second what kapeka posted: it’s ridiculous to demand that subscribers be WordPress members. It should be enough to have them pick a user name and give their email address (with a way to keep that *private*). Many people I know use other blogging providers, and just as I’m not about to switch, why should they?

    Although, when it comes to switching, I must clarify this: if I can’t subscribe non-WordPress users and can’t find a way to have my blog be private (subscription only), I’m outta here. No matter how much I love WordPress (and I like it better than anything else I’ve found so far), if it won’t do what I want, it’s of no use to me.



    Weighing into the debate… I’ve just discovered blogs for school children. My aim is to enrol students so that they can take part in the class blog…a very convincing reason for one person to be able to sign a number of people to a blog page.

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