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    Hi there,

    How can I put the video on the front page, which includes my latest posts? Now the video just shows a name on the front page.

    And another question, I can’t find plugins button, how could I get it?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    If you want a video to display on the main posts page, you’ll have to create a post and embed the video in that post. Set the post to sticky to have it always appear at the top. See here for embedding videos in posts and static pages:

    I can’t find plugins button, how could I get it?

    You can’t. We don’t have the ability to install plugins on and there is no upgrade that grants that ability. If you need to use plugins on your site you must buy your own domain and hosting and set up your own website using the software:


    Thank you!
    But for the video, I have followed the instruction you provided, and the video still just shows its name on the front page. How could the video show image or the real video directly on the front page?

    Thanks again.



    Are you talking of this site: ? I’m just asking as I can’t see anything on the front page except for a link to the about page. If you’re talking of another blog, please provide the URL to that blog.

    It could also help if you can provide a screenshot of what you see. Upload the screenshot to your media library and give us the link here, or you can paste it to a service like and give us the link that produces.

    Also let us know exactly what type of video you’re trying to embed. Is it a Youtube video, or from another online video hosting service, or are you trying to show a video you uploaded to your media library? Please describe the steps you’re following to insert the video into your post/page.

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