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Add Woopra to

  1. Add Woopra! I use it on and it's amazing! needs to have Woopra, it's a HUGE plus!

  2. Yes, when is it coming here?

  3. Staff have repeatedly said that javascript will not be allowed on WordPress.COM for security reasons. Self-hosted WordPress.ORG users can Woopra all they like. I'll take security over flash any time.

    Meanwhile, stats hungry WordPress.COM users can use a limited version of the quantcast stats without signing up (actually, given that we are all running subdomains of, I'm not sure that we can sign up).

  4. I think someone will egt around to creating a fix for this sooner or later. As it stands the only way Woopra could work on WordPress if all the users were in subdomains.

    There is a modified re-charged version of WordPress that appears to be using Woopra (if you watch teh bottom bar and see it on refresh), but it is still in beta and not open to public yet, I was wondering how they got Woopra on there? This site here:

    If has it then why not

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