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  1. I've been hit by a lot of requests by bloggers to add Woopra to blogs. They need to be directed here or to WordPress Ideas. Woopra was debuted at WordCamp Dallas and is a live blog traffic and statistics computer program with a ton of neat features for tracking "live" exactly what is happening on your blog right now. I've just been told that over 5,000 bloggers have signed up for an invitation but they can't receive one because won't allow Javascripts on the free blogs.

    Like all things we may want, if there is enough interest, Automattic may consider adding it. So if you would like to have Woopra, let them know. I've added an Idea on adding Woopra to if you would like to have your voice heard, or you can comment here.

  2. Woopra needs to change their front page. "Works perfectly on all websites" is not, in fact, the case. No wonder people are getting het up.

    But wow, does that look good.

  3. Wow Woopra looks amazing it would be really great if the staff would approve this
    site to work with are blogs :)

  4. Having woopra on blogs would be fantastic...i think it would be another great step at cementing the awesome lead you guys have over other blogging engines.

  5. Woopra does work on all websites, and it would work on if Javascript was enabled on the blog service. It's no fault of Woopra's that has restricted Javascript. We're just waiting to see how many think this is worthy of inclusion in blogs. If they say yeah and give us an embeddable code, like they do with other features, then would be a great feature that bloggers could enjoy.

  6. This would be SO awesome!!! Please Please ADD!

  7. Yes I checked it out a few days ago. We can't use it here due to the code restrictions. It's cool az!


  8. I have to disagree: blogs are websites. Woopra doesn't work on them. Therefore, Woopra doesn't work on all websites. I'm not trying to get in anybody's face, but I'm really not looking forward to dealing with "but it says it WORKS" threads in the forum. It doesn't. They need to change that.

  9. please adddd ...i dont know abt the technical problems but it would be awesome if u guys did it thanks :)

  10. I think woopra would be a nice add to . It's just as simple as that:)

  11. Anyone with any kind of traffic volume will love it. better than watching tv.

  12. Please add this service to WordPress

  13. Please, please, please!!! I would love to have the capability to have woopra or google analytics. Anything that can tell me more about my visitors would be much appreciated!!!

  14. absolutely add!! i get the whole "be careful about java" stuff but there are so many good tools - we used to use on our old sites and we love the wordpress service but we just can't get enough visitor traffic. The basic google analytics aren't as powerful.

  15. this would be a great idea, it looks good and would love to have it

  16. I would just love to use Woopra on !

  17. Please add Woopra!

  18. Add me to the list. Woopra, please!

  19. Please add Woopra,!!!! =)


  20. I would love to use Woopra with my blog. Please add Woopra

  21. please add it...its interesting dude..

  22. please, OH PLEASE, add Woopra.

    I'm spreading the word, and hope more users are joining us

  23. count me as on the bandwagon - please add Woopra

  24. I know a couple people that had woopra on their self-hosted blogs, and it messed up image uploading and the visual editor, and also kept pages from fully loading. I actually signed up, but have never installed it for that very reason.

  25. I have my invitation from WOOPRA ready to go. Please add this service.

  26. sounds like a usefull little critter, please add it!

  27. lifesaboutadream

    please work with woopra. re-write it as a module or plugin so that the javascript function could be called like a library and that might help get everyone some woopra action.

  28. please add woopra, it's much too awesome of a service to pass up

  29. please work with woopra. I would like to see my stats using that site.

  30. Please add Woopra! It's so pretty and awesome!

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