Add WordAds to Individual Articles?

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    I’d like to be able to add ads to the articles themselves in addition to the banner ads that are on each page. Will bloggers be able to customize ad placements in the future? Also, for email subscribers, would it be possible to add ads to the emails to increase earning potential?

    Just curious what’s coming down the pipe! (Love the program!)

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. Sorry but what do you mean by the articles themselves?

    Given the great many themes that we need to make ads look good on and get advertiser approval for its is challenging for WordAds to give sites unlimited ways to place ads on their sites, but our goal is to offer more options.

    We have not run ads in emails as generally it doesn’t pay well, but we will continue to explore it.

    We also will be launching a site for WordAds soon so that we can better communicate with the WordAds users!



    Hey Jon,

    By that, I mean at the end of each article, before the comments. Many blogs place ads in this location. To make them visually appealing, the ad wouldn’t appear unless a unique article is being read (this is to say, not on the home page.)

    Thanks for the response. I hope I’ve cleared up any confusion (and not created more!)



    I see what you are saying. We actually do that with our other ads layout. With the particular advertising layout that you have its in our contract that we will not run additional advertising there. The advertisers pay a premium to have exclusivity. So that’s why we don’t do what you suggest.

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