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Add WP blog tags to twitter posts as hashtags

  1. Hello. It would be great if the tags I put on my blog entries could show up as hashtags in the automatic tweets that accompany my posts. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Twitter hashtags don't link to tag pages, though, so if that's what you're trying to accomplish what you need is manual posting and linking.

  3. Perhaps I was unclear:

    When the tweet is generated it would be nice if it automatically contained the WP tags as hashtags within the tweet.

    The other option is that you simply did not read the original question which I accept as a distinct possibility among the pantheon of less charitable options I could suggest.

  4. You can keep all less charitable responses on the back of your tongue while you read this

  5. Ergo the keeping them to myself.

  6. That was slightly more helpful from the perspective of providing history but I would still like it if the tweets would automatically include the WP tags as hashtags.

    Are you someone who can actually insert this into the queue of requested features for future work on this particular piece of technology?

  7. This thread is already in the queue.

  8. Well, looking at the links you sent me, the exact same feature was requested 2 years ago ( so it doesn't seem to have received much attention. If you are someone who can influence that process, please know that it is still a desirable feature.

  9. I have no influence on Staff. They do read the threads in the Ideas Forum and that's all I know.

  10. Wonderful. Then my original intent to notify the staff of a feature request will hypothetically be achieved and all of this extraneous typing was for naught. It was nice chatting with you.

    Have a pleasant weekend.

  11. Best wishes for a lovely weekend too.

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