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Add your 125x125p button code to your site for good linking results

  1. Add your 125x125p button code to your site so that other blog owners who want to share your blog on any other platform may do so just by copy-pasting the code in their sidebar or on any social networking site...
    Here is a sample code for Technebula.Paste the code in your sidebar in the "Text or HTML "Widget and get an idea of what the share button looks like....

    href=""><img alt="TechNebula"
    width="125" src=" " height="125"/>

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please post the complete code between backticks so it all displays. The backtick ` (not to be confused with the single quote) is found on my keyboard to the left of the number 1 key. It's in lower case on the same key as the ~ tilde. The format for posting code to the forum is:

    If what you are indicating is a "grab my button" code then this one works very well on blogs. You can use the “Grab My Button” Code Generator

    Reference: code restrictions >

  3. I see "Facebook" in the tags in this thread. Please see >

    I see "like" as well.
    Here is where you can get a Facebook "like" button that will work on wordpress.COM blogs >

    This is also a support entry you may want to check out >

    And this article contains other methods Importing post snippets into a Facebook fan page

    And I see Blogroll and Links
    Please see here >

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