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    I see the code<?php the_permalink(); ?>Recommend this Post what else is suppose to go with the where does the code go to default to automatically show up when you create a new post and what is the added code to make sure that is refers to the current post.
    Is this a part of the CSS manager or how do we actually put it into the post without having to type in the code every time a post is made.

    Island Rokman



    I am member too and we cannot embed the code required to automatically add the vote feature to our posts. This is because we cannot edit our themes on this multiuser blogging platform. The work around is to use only the html and to manually add it to each post changing the category as appropriate.

    <a href="">Vote for this post at Progressive Bloggers</a>

    To be honest I stopped adding this months ago without any repercussions. Our posts are on rss feeds and mine show up at Progressive Bloggers without any problem.

    Arggghhh! I’m trying to post the code for you – please hang in as the back tics don’t seem to be working.

    Edit: VOILA! It’s suddenly working *grumble*.



    I just looked at your blog and noted you had a link to “Make Money on Your Blog”. Advertising on blogs is not allowed and can lead to the deletion of your blog. So I would like to direct you to the wordpress Terms of service and to the FAQs
    Any clarification of this subject matter i.e. advertising must come from staff (feedback button on top right-hand corner of any blog page).



    Hmm, there’s no affliate code with those links so technically they would be allowed.

    The banner adverts have to go though.

    edit: Never mind. I just saw the landing page. Yup, those sidebar links will have to go.



    IMO this is a link to nothing but advertising for monetizing blogs which is not allowed on blogs.
    I clicked on the “Make Money on Your Blog” link in the sidebar and this was the url (deliberately munged) http:// LOS2/affiliates/index.htm
    I scrolled down past “Hosting Programs Pay Per Click Create Your Own On line Business” to “Pay Per Click and Percentage Based Affiliate Programs: Once your site is built or hosted on a server, here is a way for you can generate nominal income for your site. …”

    I just saw the landing page. Yup, those sidebar links will have to go.



    Yes time keeper the code is for one of the blogs I manage for my partner



    That’s nice. They still need to go though.

    It’s your blog, not someone elses.

    TT, I really think you shouldn’t worry about calling folks out here in the forums.



    No problem. I leave that to you and to Trent to do.



    ~Tt: “I leave that to you and to Trent to do.” Uh, actually: no, you don’t –leave it to them, you point out in the Forum, for all to see, whenever you see an “infraction.” –No opportunity to point out, missed?

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