Added a page and can't find it from blog site

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    I just created a new page and can’t find it anywhere within the blog. I want to make more headings and can’t do that either. Are only three available with this template? The new page isn’t anywhere to be found. I can see it in the editing pages but not when I view the site.

    The blog I need help with is



    Can I ask you to check that the page has been published?

    If it has, are you able to send me the page URL? To find the URL, go to the page editor in WordPress. It is located under the page title with a link icon next to it.

    Once I can see the page, I will try and help further.




    I’ve added a page but can’t get it to show up. I’ve tried everything.

    The “About” tab is still blank even though I’ve loaded and saved text on the about page. Why won’t it show up?



    Here is a link to the published page that only appears when I search for a word from the page’s title/


    Hi @musi2020blog,

    Great, thank you! Your page is published, but to help people find it you need to add a link to the page in your menu (at the moment you only have Home, Medieval Music and Contact).

    There are step by step instructions for adding a page to your menu, here:

    Let me know how you get on.



    Hello @rrurban

    If I visit the following URL, I can see your About page:

    The About link in your menu is to your site, rather than a specific page on your site.

    I would recommend deleting the current menu link to the About page. Then try adding it again using these instructions:

    Hope that helps!

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