added a widget, everything else disappeared

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    My blog looked perfect, almost: posts, archives, tags. Wanted to send readers to a couple other sites so added the links widget. Tags and archives disappeared. The links widget has all these categories below it which I don’t want. Can’t figure out how to delete widget and get back to normal.

    Many thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    You are a peach! Everything is fixed except I’d like to get rid of some of these categories that came along with the blogroll: documentation, plugins, etc. Is that possible?


    Just go to Links > edit in your dashboard and from there you can delete whatever links you wish.


    You are also a peach! All of the information about what to do with my blog is quite overwhelming. I’m grateful to have you point out just the right thing from the chaos….:).


    You’re welcome, and just take it a step at a time. We all were where you are and we made it with few bruises. :-)


    I am feeling slightly bruised by trying to swim through the ocean of tech. I can feel your compassion through your words which I am as appreciative to receive as I am to learn how to fix my blog. Have a lovely day.


    You too, and you’ll get the hang of it I know.

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