Added new blog – Crashed original website! Can I restore?

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    I’ve had for a while now. No problem.

    Today I built (then transferred it to another user).

    When I tried to load afterward, I found my theme (lifestyle) had been changed to the one I used for the authors site (Neo-sapien.)

    I changed back to the lifestyle theme, but my widgets are gone! And so are my font customizations, which I can live with, but can I get my widgets back? Or is there a restore function?

    Why did making another website tweak my original site?

    Thanks for the help – I’m freaking out.

    The blog I need help with is



    This is a little easier to answer with active links. changed themes, you lost your widgets, and all your CSS customizations, right?

    So is the other site you created on the same account and transferred it to another user but that’s when everything went haywire, right?



    Hi there,

    Sorry you had this happen. You may have accidentally been logged into the wrong site when you chose the theme. At any rate, it looks like you have the theme back the way you wanted it, so you’re good to go there (and I love your background image!).

    As for your widgets, I have good news! Although the widget area was cleared when the theme changed, all of the widget content was saved for you, so you don’t have to recreate anything.

    Just go to your blog’s Dashboard and under Appearance > Widgets, scroll down to “Inactive Widgets” and you should see everything you had before. Just drag them back into place and it should be all back to normal.

    Let us know if you have any trouble getting things back in place.


    Jackiedana, I think I love you.
    Yes, my widgets were there at the bottom in the inactive widgets, safe and sound, and I’m back in one piece. Thanks for the help and for the speedy reply. Raincoaster, thanks also for the reply. You summed up the problem much more clearly than I did.
    Happy camper here.

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