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  1. It took me a year a to finally start a blog up, I knew once I started I wouldn't be able to stop! I've had it a week and I just can't stop! I'm a published writer for many magazines, all of my editors kept telling me to get a blog but I thought in my own time! I write mainly lifestyle, dating, fashion events, fashion trends and cosmetic. I thought this year was great to start it as I've had a pretty interesting 2010 so I thought someone somewhere might be interested.... I don't know, you tell me! Plus this year is going to be amazing, I have some fantastic events that I will be attending; my first one being a casting for Cancer Research's charity fashion show: they are promoting awareness of the dangers of sun and sunbeds - what a fantastic course! I thought everyone should know about what's going to be happening! I also let people know about up and coming talent such as photographers, magazines and fashion designers.

    So if you fancy a bit of light reading with a touch of sarcasm, i'm your girl!


    The blog I need help with is

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