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Addig a Pinterest board widget to a sidebar or post

  1. Can you add a Pinterest board widget to a post so that the boards (with images) show on the sidebar or in a post? I've tried all the 'help' articles and can't get it to work- including the WP guide. Is this a option only? I need a step by step dummies guide please! This so frustrating - it's driving me nuts! Would be grateful for any help or answers!

    The blog I need help with is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Jo

    I am having the same problem. I know how to add Pinterest Boards into a post but can't find a way to add a pinterest follow button.

    To add the boards just type your pinterest URL into a post and it will (should) automatically bring up your boards.


    Hope that helps!

  3. That was meant to be:

    And repeat for each board.

  4. Hi Sutinder - thanks for the suggestion
    I had tried adding the url for the boards into the post but it just shows as a written link with out the actual images of the board. I think I've come to the conclusion that it is an issue with using as opposed to which it works in ( I think!)
    If any one has the definitive answer - I would be really grateful!!

  5. Can you add a Pinterest board widget to a post so that the boards (with images) show on the sidebar or in a post?

    All support WordPress>COM docs are here
    I typed Embed from Pinterest into the seachbox
    This is the result

  6. can't find a way to add a pinterest follow button

    You can capture an image and upload it, link to it and display it in a text widget. I have done this here in the text widget at the top of my sidebar

    For creating links in a text widget see:

    You can upload image files by clicking the Add Media button right above the editing area of a page or a post.

    You can also upload new files to your Media Library using Media → Add New.

    See also

    For troubleshooting see

  7. Thank you Timethief
    I already tried the instructions as shown in the support link
    But the link for my pinterest board just shows as a link and not as the image board as it shows in the 'how to embed' instructions.
    I made sure the link was a clickable link but no luck. I tried the text widget - which was another suggest way and it shows on my page as text - I followed all the instructions but can't get it to display properly.
    Tried so many different ways - and judging by some of the forums I have looked at, I'm not the only one to not be able to do it! Will keep trying though! Thanks again!

  8. Also - I've also tried using the Pinterest widget builder - but this doesn't work when embedding the link in a post or text widget.

  9. Jo - sorry it doesn't work for you, it did work for me. I am actually repurposing my blog at the moment so it is private or I would show you. It will be public in a few days so come by to see:

    timethief - (that's such a cool name) thanks so much for the clever workaround, I'll give it a go. Love your blog, it's full of spirituality. And that's a beautiful smile you have by the way.


  10. @joloulabelle
    If you have SECRET Pinterest boards then that could be a factor don't you think? I mean SECRET sounds like PRIVATE to me. Is that the case here?
    If it isn't then post the Pinterest URL here please.

  11. @sutinderbola
    Thank you for the kind words about my personal blog.

  12. Thanks for taking the time to try and help Timethief - I really appreciate it.
    This is a link to one of the boards - it is not set to private/secret!!

    I wonder if it is because you have a registered domain and mine is just running from the free site - Others have suggested that this could be the reason as it is something to do with not being able to embed the html code?? (no idea about that side of things )
    Thanks again!

  13. Please try using this URL (note the "s):

  14. Oh I think I might know what the problem is Jo... have you verified your pinterest site with wp?

  15. I've tried all the 'help' articles and can't get it to work- including the WP guide.

    Gosh I read that and assumed joloulabelle had read all these threads: Pinterest and the Pinterest support docs.

  16. Sutinder - yep! - pinterest is verified with wp - I double checked to make sure!!
    Timethief - I tried pasting the same like with the 'secure' s in the url - but still doesn't work.
    Please make sure I am getting this correct... I am just pasting this into a post on (as shown in the support guide how to embed a pinterest board.
    I don't have to do anything else, do I?
    I tried the same by using the widget builder in pinterest -and pasting the link as instructed - and can't get that to work either
    (not sure if this is a business website thing - but tried anyway!)
    I tried to create a text widget (another guide suggested this way) and as you can see if you look on my blog, it shows on the left hand side as text and not as a small board.
    Just found this link - but don't understand much/anything RSS.
    but will read further!!
    I'm at a loss - but thankful for your suggestions and help! :)

  17. oh - that link

    I think this is for - so won't work on my blog

  18. No we bloggers cannot install any plugins on free hosted blogs because there is no FTP access. Plugins are only for WordPress.ORG installs.

    I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please also subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  19. Thanks for the help Timethief!

  20. Hi joloulabelle,

    For the Pinterest embed to work, you'll need to use the public link to your Pinterest board:

    (Don't use the https version; that won't work correctly.) You can paste that in a post or page, make sure it isn't hyperlinked in the post editor, and it will automatically turn into your Pinterest board.

    If you can't get that to work, could you give me a link to a post where you're trying to embed the Pinterest board? If you haven't published the post yet, you can just tell me the title of the draft post and I'll take a look there to see what's going on. :)

  21. Hi
    I've tried every which way! With and without the 's'!! I've unlinked the url - so not sure what else it could be?
    I've made a quick draft as a test post called 'Up, up and away'
    Thanks for your time and help!!

  22. Well..... what do you know..... I've tried it again!! And it's worked??!!

    Don't know how - I tried everything over the last few weeks!! I'm flummoxed as to why it's suddenly working!! This has baffled me for weeks as you can see from my previous posts to the help forum!! I have no idea what the glitch was before but hey.....
    Whoop whoop! I can get on with blogging now!
    Thank you everyone who tried to help and offer tips and advice!
    Happy Days! :) x

  23. I'm so glad it worked this time! If you run into any glitches with the Pinterest embeds again later on, please let me know and we can investigate it. :)

    Happy blogging!

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