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    How do i add 2 text box widget on my sidebar?

    after dragging and dropping the 1st text box widget, there isn’t a second one for me to “drag and drop”.

    Pls help. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Your blog is empty, except that you have posted several titled paragraphs on your About page.

    It appears that your “Disclaimer” is a text widget in your sidebar.
    The other item in your sidebar is an empty archives widget.

    The archives widget will show posts you have made: (though you don’t have any so far)

    If you are having difficulty adding another text widget you might try clicking on “screen options” on the top right of your screen to activate “Enable accessibility mode”

    Further more, I see that you are a 1 week user of so I’d suggest that you work through this great tutorial:

    Your putting multiple paragraphs on your “about” page makes me wonder if you have a good grasp of how different posts and pages are from each other.
    Understanding this difference is crucial to efficiently using



    thanks. that a great help, and my problem is resolved. Yes my site is new and i’m in the mist of creating content to it.

    thanks to the link to the tutorial. since im new, will definitely talk a look there..

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