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    I am trying to add and ad to my side bar that they can click on and it would take them to that site. I have went through every thing and can’t find anything that would work. Maybe I am just losing it but I need help. :)

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    Nothing will work because blogger-initiated advertising is against the terms of service here, and will get your blog suspended.



    If advertising is central to your business plan, you will need to get paid hosting and move off There are thousands of good hosts for a WordPress blog, but you’ll need WordPress.ORG software and a host other than this one to put ads on your blog.


    Advertising is not my main thing… but wanted to add some sponsors off to the side bar. Then all my articles will still be in the main column.

    So there is no way to do it from wordpress? :(
    Thank you raincoaster btw



    No, there is no way to do it here without your blog getting suspended.

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