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Adding a badge

  1. That's shockwave flash, which is indeed not allowed here, along with javascript and iframes. If there's an HTML version, you could use that.

  2. No, it looks like the code uses flash which is something we can't embed on WordPress blogs for security reasons. As a rule any badges which are dynamic (that change or keep updating) usually won't be able to be used on our blogs as they require scripts we can't use; something which is static is usually okay and has a shorter code.

    You could try taking a screen shot when you're on their site, then add the image to your blog; it won't change but you can link it to the site, so anyone who clicks it will still get there. Hope that helps.

  3. Sorry ellaella, didn't see you there... and why's that darn edit button still there if you can't click it? Must be just to torment me. :)

  4. We're just in synch, cj -- a good thing!

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