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adding a badge

  1. cristinasbookreviews

    Hi...I'm trying to add a badge and I can't seem to do it. I pull the text widget to my sidebar and entered my code: but nothing comes up on my blog except a little tiny line that says visit book blogs. HELP :(

    <embed wmode="opaque" src="" FlashVars="backgroundColor=0xEDE9D8&textColor=0x593022&" width="206" height="174" bgColor="#EDE9D8" scale="noscale" allowScriptAccess="always" allowFullScreen="true" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage=""> </embed>
    <small>Visit Book Blogs</small>

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm trying to add a badge

    For what?

    The code you listed above is Flash based which is not permitted here, therefore it's stripped out and nullified.

  3. cristinasbookreviews

    The badge is for a site called Book Blog. I've seen other WP have it maybe it's just mine?? Ugh...but thank you! :)

  4. The other blogs may have been using the advice in this article:

  5. cristinasbookreviews

    Hi 1tess. I appreciate the link but it's sooo confusing and I spend more time trying to figuring it out than actually accomplishing anything.
    Thanks again! :)

  6. Figuring out the gigya shortocode workaround is your only option.

  7. What I meant to say is that the use of some codes here is restricted > If you cannot figure out how to use the gigya shortcode, then you can capture an image of the badge and link it to the site and display it in a text widget.

  8. cristinasbookreviews

    I'm staying positive and I will give it a try. :)

  9. cristinasbookreviews

    I officially give up. UGH...
    PS: what is the difference between and

  10. Gigya shortcode: just turn this
    <embed wmode="opaque" src="ETC ETC ETC"> </embed>
    to this
    [gigya wmode="opaque" src="ETC ETC ETC" ]

  11. I was hoping you would see this thread and chime in. :)

  12. cristinasbookreviews
    Member i cutting and pasting the 2nd one into the text widget??

  13. paulthinkingoutloud

    I just create blog posts -- that I don't use -- that contain the image centered in just the right size for my side column. I'm guessing yours is around 175 pixels. Then I select the image and give it link attributes. Then instead of posting it as a blog post, I copy the text code into a text widget and put it in position.

    You just need to capture the image and resize it. And then copy the link of the home page of the site you're linking to.

  14. @cristinasbookreviews
    justpi told you how to convert the Flash code you have now to a gigya shortcode

  15. mmm...

    try this or this

    hope it can be useful!

  16. @alexelia
    NOT useful! WordPress.ORG solutions do NOT apply to WordPress.COM blogs. Please read this and don't post WordPress.ORG stuff here >

  17. @paulthinkingoutloud: What cristinasbookreviews is trying to insert isn't an image, it's a functioning gadget.
    @cristinasbookreviews: Yes, you convert the embed code into a gigya shortcode as I showed above then paste the shortcode in a text widget and click Save.

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