Adding a bio to automatically generate with each post

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    I am wondering if it is possible to add a bio that will automatically pop up each time I try to make a post or page… meaning it is automatically generated each time I open a New Post or New Page. So I do not have to write one/copy and paste 1 for each post.

    I need one that allows links.

    The blog I need help with is



    Just in case you did not know this, there are few themes that automatically display the data at Dashboard > Users > My Profile “About you” below each post in an author profile. See here for a list


    You can’t generate new HTML or a new section of a webpage using CSS only—which is what the Custom Design upgrade CSS Editor offers. CSS will allow you to modify the appearance of things that are already on the page. So if you can get a bio onto every page, for example in a sidebar widget, then (depending on the theme) you may be able to move it to where you want.

    timethief makes a good point about checking out the themes that already have an author section built in.

    Another alternative would be to put your bio in the sidebar using a Gravatar widget or a Gravatar profile widget.

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