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Adding a blog

  1. I have one blog. What if I wish to have another? What do I do?

  2. You can signup as many blogs as you want with and they will all show up under the username that you signed up with. If you would like a different login and username for your new blog, you will need to signup the blog with a different username. Either way, just follow the link that TT gave above!



  3. I'm trying to add a blog and the page won't let me fill in the field for the new domain name. Please help?

  4. what browser, browser version, and OS are you using? Also, what happens when you try?

  5. @foxtailedtailor
    Your worpress username is linked to a commercial site rather than to your blog. I assume this is your blog

    Are these the instructions that you are using?

    Also please don't forget to answer judy's questions above. :)

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