Adding a "Blogs I Follow" widget is not user-friendly

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    It seems everywhere I go, wordpress blogs have a little widget in the sidebar that lists the blogs that person follows. I would like to add this feature, as well. Except that I cannot FIND out How. I scoured my tools, settings, widgets, etc. and came up dry. I checked out this page ( ) which I Thought might show me how/where to install a simple widget that would grab all the blogs I follow, and update my little widget ‘Blogs I Follow’ list every time I began following a new blog.
    No. Doesn’t seem to be easily accessible, or at least discoverable.
    Currently, I am just using a text widget, and manually html coding in all the blogs I am following. Please tell me there is a Much easier/quicker way.
    The Links/Blogroll needs SO Much info input to it, for Each blog on your following list, that it is Easier to just code the list, like I am doing now.


    The blog I need help with is



    You can manage a blogroll (a set of links) using the Links menu in your Dashboard. These links will display on your blog if you have added the Links Widget from the Appearance -> Widgets page.

    links widget >


    The links widget doesn’t automatically grab the blogs you follow. You have to manually add them into the Links area first. There’s an info video here that will show you how:


    Whoops – sorry TT, I should have clicked refresh before posting!

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