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    I want to add other blogger’s buttons to my blog. I’ve always used Blogger, which was so much easier to navigate and understand. I cannot seem to find or understand the jargon, in order to do this. For example: I want to add the Christian Women Online button to my blog (as well as others), to show I am on their blogroll. Can someone tell me – in a simple, 1,2,3-step approach – how to do this?


    The blog I need help with is


    This kind of depends on how you want to do things. Do you want to download the button and then upload it to your blog or do you just want to “hotlink” to the button on their blog? Some sites do not want you hotlinking to images on their sites because that means everytime your blog loads, it “steals” bandwidth from their blog since the image is served off of their site.


    thesacredpath ~
    In blogger, I copy the html(?) code box for their button and then on my blog, choose ‘add a gadget w/html/java link’ and place that code in the pop up box, hit enter and voila….the button is there in my sidebar.

    That’s what I’d LIKE to do in

    Which of the two choices you gave me is that one? That’s the one I want : )


    If the code is pure HTML (see last paragraph below), then you can do that by pasting the code into a text widget in your sidebar.

    1. copy the HTML button code from the website
    2. go to appearance > widgets and add a text widget to your sidebar
    3. paste the code into the body of the text widget and give it a title if you wish
    4. click save, wait for the spinning donut to go away and then click the close link.

    Javascript, flash, iframes and forms are not allowed here due to security concerns. There are also limits on the plain HTML that can be used here. WordPress.COM is a multi-user platform which means we all share the same underlying theme and wordpress files and any bad code, or security issue introduced by a user could bring down a bunch of blogs.


    That did it. Thank you so much!


    You’re very welcome.


    Thanks–this helped me too!

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