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Adding a calendar

  1. How do you add a calendar to the right column as depicted in the Regulas 2 template?

  2. victoriacarolina

    You can't, because you can't edit any of the files. Unless there's something tricky I haven't found yet.

  3. The Regulas 2 temmplate has a picture of the calendar, but when I download it, it is nowhere to be found.

  4. victoriacarolina

    The pic of the theme really doesn't have anything to do with what you get when you select the theme for use on your blog. In order to insert the calendar, you have to have access to the sidebar.php file, which under (hosted solution), you do not.

    You can't add the calendar, sorry.

  5. Actualy, I use regulus without outside hosting, and you can see I have a calendar
    In the Presentation tab there is a subcategory called "Current Theme Options" Just click it, and check "Show Calendar"

  6. victoriacarolina

    Really? It's not giving me the extra screen for that. Must be one of those "gremlin" problems then.... I guess there are a few still around!

    So readwell, you can try that. Hopefully it will work better for you than for me!

  7. Thank you, Paradox. It worked and I'm exploring other aspects of format.

  8. Yep... must be a small bug. I don't have that option displayed either.

  9. mine has the calendar:
    with Regulus 2 at: Presentation -> Current Theme...

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