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    I want to add a calendar to my quote of the day page and be able to link each day to either another post or another page?

    Do you think there is a way to add that? I know there is Google calendar, but i am not sure if i can link each date to a post so that way, my followers can just click on any day of the month and just jump to the quote of the day.

    Please if you can help me with this or give me an alternate solution I’ll be glad.


    The blog I need help with is



    I was just passing through the forum and saw your topic. If you’re only posting a quote a day, seems like you could use the Calendar in the widgets on you sidebar. The calendar widget displays markings on the days you post. (Different themes mark the date a bit differently, so I’ve noticed.)

    I see on the link above that WordPress has another support page on Embedding a Google Calendar.

    FYI here’s the support page on the theme I noticed you are using Superhero – it talks about the widgets for your theme.

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